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Zodiac Group performs various types of aviation works:


aerial photography

Aerial photography is an effective and reliable method of operational acquisition of geospatial information of the object of the earth's surface, supported by a rich informative, high geometric, graphical and coordinate components.

Zodiac Group is certified for the organization and implementation of aerial photography of any level of complexity.


aviation chemical works

The use of aviation services in agriculture allows more qualitative processing of large areas of land without damage to fields and seedlings. Zodiac Group is ready to perform in a short time a large amount of work of any complexity.

We will promptly and professionally perform chemical, biological treatment of plants from diseases, pests, weeds at different stages of their development, will make fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals, will fight rodents and so on.


forest aviation

To monitor and eliminate fires in the early stages, aircraft and helicopters are used, due to this it is possible to reduce the percentage of large-scale accidents and environmental disasters, reduce the area of the fire and economic losses, at the early stage of the occurrence of fires, eliminate the likelihood of human casualties.

Zodiac Group provides professional help to commercial enterprises, forestry in the organization of forest protection works. We have a specialized fleet of aircraft and highly qualified flight crews, whose activities are focus on the implementation of professional aviation patrols to visual inspection, detection of fires.

Our specialists provide continuous, reliable communication between the headquarters for fire suppression, ground crew and aircraft crews.

Zodiac Group is recognize as a reliable partner for professional, effective forest protection.



Today, air ambulance is the most effective and priority direction of modern emergency care, because it can deliver the patient to the clinic much faster than any other transport, which naturally increases the chances of the patient to timely provision of qualified medical care.

The use of ambulances and helicopters makes it possible to provide quick and high-quality medical care to everyone who needs it, and the high level of organization of such flights and the support of constant communication with all airports and landing sites, makes the transportation of patients more comfortable, safe and as fast as possible.

Our aviation personnel have significant experience in the implementation and organization of flights to medical care, both from airports and airfields, and unprepared sites.


Search and rescue

The provision of search and rescue services is one of the priorities of aviation activities related to flight safety. Zodiac Group is included in the limited list of aviation enterprises of the Russian Federation involved in search and rescue operations. The crews of the Zodiac Group have considerable experience in duty in search-and-rescue support.



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